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Just for Fun Airsoft (JFFA) was organized in 2008 by a bunch of airsoft enthusiasts/nuts around the principle people should be able to play the sport and have fun.  You do not have to joint a group or team, spend a lot of money on a particular load out (unless you want to), or meet certain criteria to  play.

If you focus more on fun than KD ratios and winning, we may be the group for you.  All we ask is that you read our ROE's before attending a game.  On game day, follow the rules, call your shots, have good sportsmanship.


Trigger time is what we want at our games.  If everyone takes a few simple steps the night before, we can get into our games and have less down time.

1.  Load your mags.  You are not going to compress your mag springs overnight.

2.  Load mags and other equipment into your vest

3.  Put speed loaders, BB's,  batteries,  eyepro, green gas and adapter, silicone oil, i.e. whatever else you will need into  a backpack

4.  Get your food and water ready.

5.  We want to arrive, set up the chrono's (if  you have one bring it so we can get through faster), have the safety briefing while the field is set up and then start slinging plastic.