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Suck, I chronoed at 349 FPS

Posted by Mike - Retired From Airsoft on May 18, 2012 at 10:40 PM

I love my AGM 416, and my Galaxy MP5k. They have both served me well and have never let me down. Many of you have heard me sing praises to the 416. I've owned it for nearly three years, have easily put over 50k+ bbs through it, run it with an 11.1v lipo, and I've never modified a thing, zero problems. 

When I bought it at WB it shot 413 FPS in the store. Last time I'd chronoed it was about a year ago. It chronoed just under 370 FPS, almost perfect, IMO. I have always been pleased with the gun's range. I can reach out and touch targets at quite a distance, out-ranging many other guns in the process. I have no complaints about my gun and I'd put it up against any other gun on the field.

I decided to chrono all my guns this evening to see where they were at: King Arms M4 - 375 (perfect), Galaxy MP5k - 290 (perfect), AGM 416 - 335 (What???). Let me try that again - 334, that can't be right, let me chrono it again - 335. Holy crap! My primary field gun is only 35 FPS away from being CQB! 

And, I am OK with that. At 335 FPS, my gun shoots the people I aim at, even at a distance (got the hop-up dialed in). So, does FPS matter, sure. Does it matter as much as everyone thinks it does, nope. What matters is you like your gun and you can hit what you are aiming at. I saw a kid stomp off in a huff because his gun was only shooting 383 at the last Athena game, and I was a little miffed to say the least. You don't need to have a gun shooting 400 on the nose, or even higher to have a good time airsofting.

So, the next time the chrono surprises you, before you storm over to WB demanding an FPS upgrade, stop and think about whether or not you are able to hit most guys you pull a bead on. The answer will most likely be yes. Then you can save your money, and buy something cool like this instead. 

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Reply kii (Matt)
9:47 PM on May 19, 2012 
FPS is definitely not king. I improved range by changing my bucking. There are many parts that make an airsoft gun great, but I would choose a better hop-up over higher FPS every time.
Reply big_C214
12:09 AM on May 20, 2012 
so get a gun that works for YOU is what ur telling us right?? cuz i almost got my hk m4 today at weapons blender i was 2 dollars short .....made me sad =(
Reply Mungo (Steven)
9:39 AM on May 20, 2012 
now, if you are doing a DMR and you chrono at 349 FPS, and your suppost to be shooting 500..... now there is an issue....

But seriously, i think you need FPS only when you are going out to crazy distances where the wind and other enviormental factors could cause your bb to go far off course and actually cut your distance down. FPS reduces time to target, increases wind resistance (not by much, but for long distance shooting it helps), and makes a harder impact that helps when cutting through kevlar trees.
but other than that, i would rather have a 300 FPS gun shooting as far as a 400 FPS gun, than the other way around.
Reply Pickle
11:40 AM on May 20, 2012 
Mike has an awesome point. FPS is subjective. For instance, a .45 ACP round shoots at about 800-900 FPS. A .22LR round shoots about 1250 to 1280FPS. Which would you rather have if a zombie was coming towards you?
Reply Mungo (Steven)
10:25 PM on May 20, 2012 
ethier, a bullet to the head is a bullet to the head.
Reply Gramps
11:07 PM on May 20, 2012 
Ya know I have been playing for a really long time and have owned quite a few different guns in that "really long time" and ya know the best gun I ever owned never shot over 350fps and had it not been for a very unfortunate run in with a metal door frame out at Bauer splitting the gun literally into two pieces (one of the few times I have almost cried. Almost squirt out one whole tear and everything) I would still own it to this day if it were not for that incident. I paid 85.00 for it back in the day before the clone market came into the picture and the only "Upgrades I had done to it was to place a full stock on it and get a larger battery. It did the job I needed it to do and did it with superb performance. When it really comes down to it FPS doesn't make the player better cause if your stupid your stupid and someone with better tactics and battle field awareness will still take you out just as easily with their mid range FPS weapon as they would with a higher FPS weapon.
Reply Wyatt
3:19 PM on April 6, 2013 
I think many new players rate a gun they see by how much fps the gun has and will scroll through many guns to find the one with the highest fps, hence why many have sniper rifles. It is simply overrated.
Reply Cristofher
11:52 AM on July 24, 2014 
I have a cyma ak47cm.036 and I love how I'm about 90% accurate fps doesn't have be high for it to be a good gun. Mine shoots about 430-450. You just gotta find the right gun for you or the gun you like. Don't listen to anyone its your choice and its just to have fun.