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Enhanced Night Game Rules

Posted by Kundi (Roger) on July 28, 2012 at 11:05 PM

In order to let more people play at night we are going to try some experimental enhanced night game rules. 


Here they are:

Weapons and Restrictions

1. CQB Guns

a. Green gas pistols

b. Shot guns

c. AEG’s shooting 300 FPS or under

d. Cold steel knife

e. GBB AEG’s shoot 300 FPS or under

f. Full or semi auto

g. Must have tracer unit or flashlight on when shooting

h. No minimum engagement



2. Restricted Class

a. Any gun shooting 320 – 380 FPS

b. Minimum engagement distance is 40 feet (no surrender)

c. Must have flashlight on when shooting and tracer unit recommended

d. Must carry CQB weapon as back up

e. Semi auto only


3. Sniper Class

a. Each sniper class operator must be approved by a JFFA moderator

b. Any gun shooting 390-450 FPS

c. No gun may shoot over 450 FPS

d. BB weight limit is 0.25 g

e. Must have night vision and work with spotter

f. If either team member is shot, the sniper gun cannot be used until the team reforms after spawn

g. Must have tracer unit

h. Minimum engagement distance of 100 feet


4. Static Weapon Class

a. Machine guns shooting under 350 FPS

b. Must have tracer unit and a 50/50 mix of tracers to normal BB’s

c. Must have spotlight on and you can only shoot what is within the spotlight’s range

d. When shot, the operator must leave the gun in place and go to respawn. If it is captured (glow stick placed on it) it must be carried back to the respawn and then it can be moved to another spot.

e. Each static weapon operator must be approved in advance by a JFFA moderator


Safety Rules

1. ANSI rated eye protection on at all times.

2. Masks or mouth guards on at all times HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

3. Must carry whistle so that we can find you if you are injured and need assistance

4. New players can only use CQB weapons until they have attended 3 games or are cleared by moderator

5. Safety is the first priority, so anyone who does not follow the guidelines will be asked to leave

6. Must carry glow stick as a dead rag




1. No surrenders. You must take someone out with a shot. If they are under your minimum engagement distance, you must pass on the shot.

2. Tracer unit or flashlight on when firing for all players except those in the sniper class who have NVG.

3. Must follow rules for your weapon class. A moderator may limit the available classes depending on the field.

4. Call your hits, and do not call other people’s hits

5. When your are hit, call out “HIT!”, get out your glow stick and wave it overhead

6. Knife kills are silent. Move off 100 feet before lighting your stick.

7. Dead men tell no tales.

8. No medics unless specified by the moderator in the game summary

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Reply Sam Smith
8:05 PM on June 4, 2013 
Q: It sound like you have to use a flashlight even when you are using a tracer. Am I correct?
Reply doll house
6:37 AM on November 21, 2014 
Loved this post. Thanks for sharing your day!

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