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Posted by Kundi (Roger) on April 25, 2013 at 11:30 PM

Having moderated a fair number of games, here are a few suggestions about how we approach airsoft that could improve our games.

1,)  Learn the ROE's before  you come to the game.  If you have not read them over in the past few months, read them again.  Too many times complaints I get are from people who do not understand the rules or are using rules from other groups.  While similar, we all have our own variations.  

2)  Play to have fun, not win.   If you are there to have fun,  you will play by the rules.  You will call your hits and honor spawn times.  You will be just as happy for your opponent who gets the drop on you as when you get the drop on him.  You will help less experienced players learn and grow in the game rather than complain about noobs.  If you feel someone is not calling their hits, you will never not call your hits to get back at them. You will take them to the side and talk to them 1:1 about what happened before involving the moderators.  It solves so many of the problems we have at games if we focus on fun rather than total airsoft domination.

3) Don't mitch and boan about other players; allow them to be human.  I have never had as many complaints about the other players as I did the last Silver City game.  Complaints are an infection that will eventually kill a game.  I have noticed that as soon as someone starts to comlain, three more complain, follow by three more, and three more, and so on and so on.  Everyone starts looking for problems and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  We are all human and trying to do better bit, by bit. Instead of complaining and killing the mood, take a deep breath and help to solve the problem.  Talk to him, when you are calm, about what happened.  If he is cheating, you just put him on notice.  If you are wrong, then you have a chance to apologize. If they are being difficulty or keep doing the same thing, involve a moderator.

4) If you make a mistake, apologize and try to do better.  If you did not call a hit you should have, call yourself out when you realize and then apologize to the other player if you know who it was. We will all make mistakes.  Everyone has lost their temper.   When you make mistakes, take responsibility for them and resolve to do a little better.

5) If you borrow something, it is YOUR responsiblity to return it.  If you find something try to find out who it belongs to or give it to the moderators.  By the way, if the guy I loaned an M4 mag to at Silver City comes to Athena, please give it to me.  Also, I have somone's blue Swiss Army pen knife.  If someone found my sanity, please let me know.

I would like to begin a civil discussion of what we can do to help make JFFA the kind of goup we all want it to be.  If you have a suggestion about how we as individuals can do better, make a comment.  If you just want to mitch and boan, see #3.  

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Reply Cougar
7:16 PM on April 26, 2013 
With a big group, it is often difficult to have everyone see Eye to Eye. I currently feel that these pointers will make a huge difference. It all starts on the individual level. JFFA has a great standard. I am glad/honored to play with the group, let?s all keep that feeling alive and strong.

I especially like the two ideas of going to have fun and reading up on the rules as a refresher before the games. Well said.
Reply Amis (Amis)
11:56 PM on April 28, 2013 
Having moderated more than a few (and participated in quite a few more) games, I'd like to throw in my two cents. Almost all the negative situations I've encountered can be fixed by one thing: don't take airsoft so seriously. I'm not talking about the goof that just dropped $300 bucks on a gun and THEN started tweaking it (guilty) or the dude wearing the ultra-tacticool loadout (also guilty). I'm talking about the player that mitches and boans every time they get shot by the "hot" gun or took a couple extra rounds after calling hit. It's OK. We've all done something stupid on the field, don't be so surprised somebody else is doing it, too.

All that said, if having the ultimate loadout, spending way too much money on a BB gun, or just lounging around with Leisure Squad is what makes it fun for you, go nuts. It's JFFA. Nobody is keeping score*.

*Except for Mike and me, but we are counting our chipped teeth.
Reply kii (Matt)
7:27 PM on April 29, 2013 
I recently had a similar conversation with my cousin. I love #2. Athena was a great example of people playing for fun. I've decided that the reason we have objectives is not for winning, but to give us an excuse to shoot each other with little plastic spheres.

Athena was the perfect example of this, people congratulating others on shots, smiling through bloody cheeks, and forgiving others (I made many) of their mistakes. I'm excited about the next game, and hope everyone takes this to heart.
Reply Professor
1:34 PM on March 18, 2014 
I actually don't care if I get hit....I think it's a time to reflect what I did wrong and improve my game and strategy in the future. Everyone gets hit, not everyone learns from it. Better with every death.
Reply Dr Medic (Tyler)
8:49 PM on October 11, 2014 
I feel like #2 is something that we all can work on, it's great to win and talk about that amazing shot that you hit on the guy behind the kevlar bush, tree, etc. but there's a fine line between having a friendly conversation about the last game and ruining the mood for everyone. It takes but one spark to set the field ablaze...
Reply doll house
6:34 AM on November 21, 2014 
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