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Leave It Better Than You Found It

Posted by Amis (Amis) on November 2, 2013 at 8:10 PM

Most of us are pretty familiar with the concept of "Leave No Trace." Most of us are also pretty familiar with the concept of "9 volts is good so 11 must be better." We've embraced the technology to not just shoot our friends with 3 or 4 BBs at a time, but 9 or 10 at a time. I myself have been known to blast through an M60 box mag or two at 11 volt LiPo speeds. Unfortunately your love of ammo distribution is probably as great as mine. Imagine the number of BBs we leave on the field. 

Here's my point: our ability to (legally) shoot our friends is at the mercy of those that don't. 

Some of the things we as airsofters can do to to keep the non-airsofting community happy is clean up after ourselves. I'm not crazy. I'm not going out after a game with a broom to pick up BBs. We should be aware of our environment, though. In places of high traffic, think about shooting some Biodegradable BBs. That says to the rest of the people using the fields we play in, "I understand you're here for nature, not my BBs. Thanks for sharing with us."

We also might want to think about picking up some existing trash. Once upon a time, some paintballers dragged a bunch of wood and plastic barrels into the Hobble Creek field and nailed them to the trees. A few JFFA and UCA members pulled them down and put the wood in a burn pile at a campsite for the campers. Imagine if the local PD went through there and saw that stuff nailed to the trees. Can you say banned for life?

The bottom line is simple. If we want to continue playing at these amazing fields, we have to take care of them. This isn't liberal guilt. This is being a good human.

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Reply Kundi (Roger)
4:32 PM on November 10, 2013 
Well said. Be the change you want in the world.
Reply doll house
6:36 AM on November 21, 2014 
So happy to support your organization.
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