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Night Game specific Rules

The first priority of the rules is safety.  The rules are subject to change depending on the field and op.

FPS Limits:  Absolute limit is 350 FPS.  One shot over this limit means your gun cannot be used at all.  Guns shooting 310-350 are semi-auto only.  Shooting full auto at this level may result in your being banned from the game.  Guns shooting under 310 may be full or semi-auto.

All guns will be chrono'd prior to the game using 20 g.  BB's Using a gun which was not chrono'd, modifying your gun after it was chrono'd to shoot faster, or using heavier BB's to get your gun under the limit will result in your expulsion from the game and possibly being banned from all future games.

Approved Weapons:  AEG's, AEP's, GBB pistols (green gass only-C02 guns are not allowed), springers, shotguns shooting 310 or under (there are shootguns shooting close to 400 FPS).  Cold steel knives, M203's, claymores and grenades are also allowed.

No pyrotechnic devices are allowed without prior approval by the moderator.

No home-made devices are allowed without prior approval by the moderators.

No real-steel knives and weapons are allowed at JFFA events.  Do not even bring them with you.


No gun shooting over 25 rounds per second

Required Equipment:

Full seal eye protection

Face mask or mouth guard.  We recommend everyone use a face mask at JFFA events, but big boy and big girl rules apply: You decide for  yourself.

A flashlight must be on when firing unless you have a tracer unit using green BB's. Make sure your batteries are good if  using a HUTU as your BB's may not be iluminated.  If we cannot easily see your tracer BB's you will be asked to use a flashlight

Each player must have a flashlight and some sort of glow stick for use as a kill rag.


Rules:  Read and follow JFFA Rules of Engagement.  Specific changes to the ROE based on the location and game play will be discussed prior to the game they apply.