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Rules of engagement (ROE)
You are responsible for reading, understanding and knowing the rules.  Your attendance at the games signifies you have.  You will be held responsible for following them at all times.


Age Restrictions:

You must be at least 18 years of age to attend our games without adult supervision.

Above age 16, but under 18, you must have a parent attending the game to play.  If you prove yourself to be a solid citizen who follows the rules, has good sportsmanship, and plays safely you may ask a JFFA moderator to clear you to play in Utah County without adult supervision.  Games held outside of Utah County still require a legal guardian or parent to attend.

Below age 16 you must play alongside your parent or legal guardian at all times.  If either of you are shot, then you must both respawn.  If we find you without your guardian, your guardian will receive one warning.  If it happens again,  you will have to sit out for the rest of game.

Weapon Classifications:  All measurements will be taken using a 0.20 g BB.  If you use a higher weight BB to meet the field requirement, alter your gun in any manner, or change the settings on you HPA gun, you will be banned from all future games and we will share this information with all other teams.

ZMD (Zero Minimum Distance)  up to 350 feet per second (FPS)

300 fps - full or semi auto limited to 23 rounds per second (RPS) 

310 - 350 fps - Semi auto only

HPA and Polar Star guns are limited to one shot per second to mimic AEG cycle

Any green gas, springer pistol, and shot gun shooting under 350 fps does not need chrono

All CO2 pistols and guns must be chrono'd and are subject to the above limits

Plastic training knives, swords, axes, etc. may be used.  Touch only.  No stabbing, slashing, throwing, or sticking.

Infantry and Support Weapons

351 - 420 fps

Semi or full auto

25 foot minimum engagement distance (MED)

DMR and Sniper Weapons

421 - 500 fps

Semi auto only.  HPA and Polar Star guns are limited to one shot per second to mimic AEG cycles

MED: 100 feet

Players in this class must carry and use a ZMD weapon (not a knife)

Anyone above 450 fps must be approved by a moderator in advance

Grendades, claymores, and M203's

No pyrotechnic devices may be used at JFFA games.  We do not want to damage the environment or another player.  Smoke grenades may be approved in advance by a moderator.

Only commercially-available devices are allowed.  If you did not by it at a licensed airsoft store, clear it with a moderator before the game.  

No water balloons or pain devices

Sound grenades (Thunder B's)

Everyone in a room or within 20 feet is dead

A solid object (boulder, wall, car, tank, etc.) which covers 100% of your body can shield you from death.  Trees, cardboard, desk, table, or very small rocks do not.

Shower Grenades/M203's

Any hit, including ricochet's, kill

No protecting from solid objects--if you get hit, you are dead

Landmine, tripwires, etc.

Everyone within 20 feet are dead

Solid objects safe if you are 100% covered

If it sprays out water or power, anything that touches you kills

General Rules

Rules are there to make the events as safe as possible, to avoid misunderstandings with the general public, foster good sportsmanship, protect our gear, and lastly having fun. 

ANSI rated eye protection is required at all times.   Full seal goggles are required for CQB and night games.  If yo have to take your eye pro off at any time or you see someone playing without eye pro, yell out,  "Blind man!"  Everyone will echo the call and all game play will stop until the problem is fixed.

Full face protection is recommended, but not required.  We highly recommend full face protection. If you choose not to wear it, consider using a mouth guard to protect against tooth damage.  Any one under 18 years of age must wear full face protection at all times.

Never bring real steel guns to any of our games.  We do not want them in your cars to avoid tragic mistakes.  If you get them out and show them to anyone, you will be asked to leave and face a ban from all future games.  You have to right to open or conceal carry with the proper permit.  We also realize you do not have to play at our games.  The last thing we want is someone accidentally using the wrong gun or an accidental discharge.

No pyrotechnic devices are allowed at our games.  On occasion moderators may allow them if circumstances permit.  If you have questions about whether or not a device may be used, IM a moderator first.  Using one without permission may result in partial or full ban from JFFA games.

No arguing, fighting, or physical contact.  Any physical contact with another player will result in your ejection from the game and a possible permanent ban from all JFFA games.  Fighting or firing your gun in anger within the MED for your gun is assault and we will call law enforcement to handle the matter.  ZERO TOLERANCE.  We understand tempers will flare from time to time.  If you are getting too upset, give yourself a time out and then return to the game when you are calmer.  A moderator may ask you to sit out for a game or two until the parties can shake hands and get past it.  

Avoid swearing, off color speech/jokes/patches, crass conversations, derogatory comments, trolling, or trash talking.  Every person deserves to be treated with respect and not to be exposed to behaviors and talk they find offensive.  We realize people will let things slip, but do your best.  If you cannot hold your tongue or play without being a jerk, play elsewhere.  We will all be much happier.

No alcohol is allowed at JFFA games and we ask you do not consume it before games.    Alcohol your judgement and behavior.  Given the dangerous nature of our hobby and the potential for conflict, we do not want impaired players at our games.  The same goes for illegal drugs of any kinds.  Breaking this rule may result in a JFFA ban.

Never touch another person's give without their permission.  We have invested substantial sums in our gear and we want to keep it nice.   If you find, or lose, something at a game, give it to a moderator and we will post it online so it can get back to the rightful owner.  

Arrive on time, ready to go. We will not wait for you to get your act together.  Big boy/girl rules apply.

The two greatest commandments are 1) call your hits and the second is like unto it, 2) do not call other people's hits.  When in doubt, call yourself out.  No thing destroys morale and game play faster than not calling hits.  Our guns are not as consistent as you think they are.  Most of the time you did not hit the person when you thought you did.  If someone does not call their hit, keep shooting them until they do.  If you get shot, take it.  You can only control your behavior.  If you see the BB bounce off someone and they do not call it, maybe they got caught up in the moment and did not feel  it.  If someone is not calling their hits, talk to a moderator.  You must be able to tell the moderator exactly who it is, not "It's the guy in camo with an M4."  DO NOT CALL THEM OUT.  We will take to everyone who is accused of not calling their hits.  We are not judging, just letting you know. If you do not change  your behavior, you will be asked to leave.

Max BB weight is 0.30 g no matter what fps your gun shoots.  It is a safety consideration and there is no discussion.  Using heavier BB's will result in a ban from JFFA games.


Any hit anywhere on the body is a kill

Ricochets count

Yell "Hit!" when you are hit, raise your hand or gun, walk away from the action and put on a dead rag.  Otherwise, don't cry about bonus BB's.  Sometimes people cannot hear above the noise of their gearbox-give them the benefit of the doubt.  Try to use good trigger control.

Gun hits require you to yell "Gun hit!" to take out your mag, wrack your gun, and put the mag back in.

Knife Kills

Do not call out death

Walk off 50' feet before yelling something like "Dead man walking!"

You may not be healed by a medic


There are no surrenders at JFFA games

Everyone should carry a ZMD weapon and use it.  Otherwise, you will have to back off to your MED.  


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